What Is Cube Test

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What Is Cube Test

Cube test is the process by which a batch of concrete has been test for its strength and durability. Cube test is one of the vital test which is performed to determine the strength of concrete which has been already used in the construction. It should be test by someone who is familiar with the process of pouring and tempering concrete. The testing has been perform in laboratory.

Why does concrete need to be tested?

The purpose of a concrete cube test is to ensure that the concrete meets its expected compressive strength. And if the supplier can’t guarantee quality, then there’s a big risk that the concrete might not be of good quality. It could crack or collapse in just a few months. You can only be 100% confident about the quality of your concrete if you use a supplier that cube-tests.


  • Cube mould (150x150x150 mm)
  • Tamping rod
  • Steel Float/Trowel

Raw Materials:

  • Freshly prepared concrete which is to be tested.

Images Of Cube Samples Test

Concrete Cube Test To Determine Concrete Strength.
Cube Mould
Concrete Cube Test To Determine Concrete Strength.
Fill the concrete in cube moulds

Concrete Cube Test To Determine Concrete Strength.
Strokes by tamping rod

Concrete Cube Test To Determine Concrete Strength.
Cube mould for test is ready

Next day removing the cubes from moulds for testing

Machine for cube test

Procedure To Make Samples For Cube Test:

  1. Clean the standard cube moulds, tight all nut-bolts properly.
  2. Apply oil to all surface of the mould.
  3. Normally size of mould is 150mm x 150mm x 150mm.
  4. Take the samples of concrete from the mix in a ghamela.
  5. Pour the concrete in the cubes in 3 layers.
  6. Compact each layer with not less than 35 strokes per layer using a tamping rod.
  7. Level the top surface by thapi or trowel after compaction of the last layer.
  8. Cover the mould immediately to prevent loss of water.
  9. After 24 hours, remove the specimen from the mould.
  10. Take care to avoid breaking of the edges while removing.
  11. Mention the code on cubes with marker or paint.
  12. Coding should be self explanatory, showing the site name and the date of casting.
  13. Test 3 specimens for 7 days & 3 specimens for 28 days curing.
  14. IF there are 6 specimens then 3 specimens for 7 days, 3 specimens for 14 days & 3 specimens for 28 days curing.

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    Cube test is compulsory for all casting and the way you explained the method was very simple to understand
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