Block Jointing Mortar

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Block Jointing Mortar

It is a thin layer joining mortar and bonding of AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks. The mortar is a pre-mixed cement based product which only requires the addition of water to produce an easily applied mortar giving durable joint 3mm.

Block Jointing Mortar.


  • Block Jointing Mortar is made from a combination of cement, graded sand and polymers which give superior strength.
  • Its easy to mix and apply and also ensures the compaction of interlocking bricks which makes it more tough and durable.
  • It has better water retention properties and also it has quick drying and rapid setting.
  • The combination of this chemical gives mortar more compact, thinner and stronger.
FixoBlock Thin Layer Jointing Mortar.

FixoBlock Thin Layer Jointing Mortar.

FixoBlock Thin Layer Jointing Mortar.


  • Block Jointing Mortar has thin jointing material with high adhesion strength.
  • No required of water curing after the application of jointing mortar.
  • It saves time as it does not required site mixing. Eliminates the lengthy process of wall construction.
  • These mortar consists of materials which are Eco-friendly.
  • The quantity required is less than the conventional mortar.
  • It also lead to accuracy in  neatness in masonry work.

Areas of Application

  • Laying and jointing like fly ash bricks, concrete blocks, hollow blocks, AAC blocks etc.
  • Joining of concrete windows and door frames etc.

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